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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three words for 2012

I am not one to make New Year's resolutions. I set goals throughout the year, so it doesn't seem necessary to set one in January, just because it's January. That being said, I read last year and again today about Chris Brogan's campaign to designate three words as a focus for your actions during the year.

So this year, I have my 3 words. Drum roll please...


Connect - I want to connect with friends, family, myself and God. Since I tend to dig in and work to the exclusion of all else, I want to be sure to seek out opportunities to rekindle friendships, spend more time with my family, quit neglecting myself, and pursue a deeper relationship with my Lord.

Train - I consider training the same as learning - a pursuit that will broaden and enrich me. I want to train myself physically by continuing to increase my daily run and adding more weight training and yoga. Mental training is important, so I will seek more seminars, webinars and books that will increase my knowledge and leadership skills. I also want to focus on training others, so one of my goals for work will be to develop and execute training for several areas of GraceWorks.

Enjoy - As stated earlier, I have workaholic tendencies that have been front and center in the last few months. That needs to change. Life is short, and I want to focus on doing an excellent job at work, but to structure my days and weeks so that I enjoy what I'm doing at work, and then let go and enjoy life away from work.

So I plan to write periodically (weekly?) about my progress, and hopefully provide some accountability. So here goes with a new adventure. Happy 2012!

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